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Dr Spouse

"Successful Research Careers" by Delamont and Atki

I have read about three chapters of this book so far and it seems to be extremely helpful. It's very broad in scope - offering hints for just-finished and nearly-finished PhD students but also for new Heads of Department.  Whichever one you are, you'll have contact with the other and it's good to see where they might be coming from.

It is mainly a book about research careers but offers tips on managing teaching and admin so even if you feel your research is going well but other aspects of work aren't, it might be helpful.

Yes, I agree it's a pretty good book Smile Good also to dip into every now and then. I know many academics who tell me I "ought to be able to figure out this stuff" for myself, but actually I found it to be a real help. Thus it has fulfilled its function. For me, anyway.
Dr Spouse

I've just finished this book and found the rest of it to be excellent, too.  It is includes micro-level practical tips as well as macro-level strategies for managing your career, and does not assume that once you get to a certain level you will know everything, which I have found a lot of people do in academia.

I was on the bus this morning reading it and finished the last section, and showed it to a colleague. I think this colleague really needs it even more than me - he has quite a heavy teaching load, but seems unable to do anything else at all during teaching periods, while I at least find I can do some research even when I have a hugely busy week, by carving off half-days or even hours do to thinking tasks or research admin tasks. But he didn't seem keen on borrowing it so I kept it for myself!

He/she probably thinks they haven't the time to read it!  Wink

I always used to find it very difficult to do as much research as I should in my last university, but now I'm in the new university I spend most of my time researching and the teaching is a sideline (although still consumes too much time). Forum Index -> Research
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