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Dr Spouse

Boring, boring, boring

Otherwise known as: For this I did a PhD???

What's your most hated research task? The ones that you would pay someone to do if a) you had the money or b) it was big enough.

I'm currently looking up 200 postcodes on a national statistical website to find their Ward code. If you pay you can get all the postcodes on a CD but this is going to be quicker, since I think I'll then have to look them all up on the SES database anyway. And the national database is so huge it would probably take longer to merge the two files than to copy and paste by hand.

you honestly want to know???

be warned

Ok then its going to the abatoir to collect pig stomachs and scrape the mucus out of them. Its yucky but someone has to do it (and yep that someone is me....) Luckily I don't have to do it v. often.....
Dr Spouse


No, I didn't want to know that.

I did work previously on a parasitology project and had to do quite a lot of asking children if they had brought their pee and poo samples. But I didn't actually have to process them myself, though they did have a tendency to wave them in my face when asked about them. Forum Index -> Research
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