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Dr Spouse


Where's the banging-your-head-against-a-brick-wall smiley?

We got a grant from a charity that sends you the money in advance, and asks for a report including accounts, about 6 months after the grant ends. So we have the money in the Uni bank account. But we have a large item of expenditure that hasn't been finally costed - we have money for it, but if we don't spend all the grant it has to go back.

So I am proposing I put some extra items (not essential, but related to the grant - we want to do some pilot work for a new project extending some of the findings of this one). But as we don't know the cost of the large item, we don't know which if the smaller items we can get. And the Uni doesn't want us to spend anything after the official end of the grant. It seems they'd rather we gave the money back! Forum Index -> Admin
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