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Dr Spouse

Employing people

Not quite sure whether this should go under research or the admin heading - perhaps admin as it can be such a headache.

We've recently advertised a part time, five month position which surprisingly we've had a huge response to. I seem to recall some other colleagues (and personnel) questioning whether we'd actually get anyone to do it, and I've certainly had grant-awarding bodies question whether it's worth their while funding such posts. But we always seem to manage to fill them.

Next step: wading through the applications Rolling Eyes. And also: working out if it's ethical for me to write a reference for the job for someone who used to be a student of mine. I suspect not.

I do have to watch myself on this, actually, since having employed people in a couple of less-developed areas, with much more rough-and-ready employment legislation, I need to remember that we have to try and behave ourselves here. Forum Index -> Jobs and personnel
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