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Dr Spouse

Grant writing

I seem to remember going, quite some time ago, to a grant-writing workshop. As I'm in Psychology, and consider myself a scientist, I went to a science workshop - though the other scientists were surprised to see me there.

I am not terribly sure it gave me any information I couldn't have got elsewhere, but as part of the workshop we had to write (by hand!) a grant proposal there and then. I think that was the most helpful part as I ended up (about 3 years later) getting a very modified version of that funded.

I have a feeling this was run by an institution other than my own (previous) university, and they were a bit disgruntled when I asked them to pay, although as I pointed out they would make the money back in overheads if I got a grant. Well, slight problem for them, I moved to a different university and took the funding with me!

Anyone else been to one of these, and did they find it helpful? What was the most helpful part of it?
Dr Spouse

Well I am currently in panic stations as I have to write a small grant, extremely quickly - officially I have passed the deadline but they messed me about with my initial application so I have been told I might be "squeezed in" to the meeting.

Excuse me while I go and write lots of waffle, very quickly! Forum Index -> Research
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