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Hi everybody!

Just thought I'd introduce myself. I've chosen not to be anonymous because I plan to tell people at work, and they'd figure out pretty quicky who I am.

I'm Maria, I'm a Research Fellow in speech technology at a bi-departmental unit. Employed by the School of Informatics, going through the RAE via the Department of Linguistics. One grant so far, three more in the oven, one of which submitted. My survival strategy is to work 40-60% on grants, with the rationale that you can always fit one day of a costly person in, but f/t is another matter entirely.

Personal bugbear: Journal paper writer's block.
Dr Spouse

Just moved this here as I'd made a shiny new board!

I'm the originator of this board, though I'd quite like other people to sign up and be helpful admins or moderators, pretty please!

I'm in Psychology and work mainly on language development and language disorders, with a sideline in Travelling Overseas To Look At Small Children In Hot Countries.

I am at the top of the Lecturer level and feel a bit frustrated at my age (which I'm not going to reveal) though I know there are a number of reasons, partly due to spending ages getting my undergrad degree, partly due to doing an unreasonable number of postdocs, and partly due to sheer indolence and lack of paper and grant writing bovvered-ness since I got my first lecturing job.

Hello all -- I am looking forward to learning quite a lot from this forum, I will be beginning over again in the UK in September after teaching for ten years at a US liberal arts college. High expectations and much apprehension on this side.

just to say...

too much teaching (fun though). Lost my voice for the second year in a row... had to take time off... but now the emails have piled up!

But, on the positive side:
Have finished my rsearch project (and almost did everything I said on the tin)
And got my M.Ed!

Hi All,

I migrated over here from the HE Chronicle fora after seeing a link on one of Dr Spouse's posts. I'm English and lecturing in the British Isles at the moment. Various mathematical subfields for undergrads and postgrads.

I recently changed university from the one I was at for two years (my first lecturing post out of PhD), doing pretty much the same thing as now. I am thinking of moving to the US or Chinese side of academe this year. Hence my moniker!

Apologies if I sound non-committal, but I'm new to posting (despite lurking on HE Chronicle fora for about 3 years!) here and don't want to reveal too much!

Nice to meet you all!

Dr Spouse

Xiongmao wrote:
Hi All,
Apologies if I sound non-committal, but I'm new to posting (despite lurking on HE Chronicle fora for about 3 years!) here and don't want to reveal too much!

Not at all, it is always good to keep a few things to oneself. Otherwise how can you moan about your colleagues or your professional body?

Welcome to the forum, hope to see more of you.
Figgy Pudding

Hello, everyone

Hello everyone

I'm new to the board, having come over from the Chronicle. I work as a senior lecturer in England.

Hi, Figgy Pudding Smile Nice to have another person from the UK.

Hello.  I'm a friend of Dr Spouse from A.N.Other forum.  I'm a (hopefully!) final year PhD student, doing an ethnographic study in an Area Studies department, and am in the thick of writing up at the moment (hoping to submit by the end of the year, please God!).  I've joined as I'm at that point where I need all the procrastinatory and diversionary tactics I can get Very Happy Forum Index -> Introductions
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