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Dr Spouse


I'm about to go on one! Two weeks in France from Saturday.

Hopefully someone will at least post something while I'm gone, but I'm going to try and persuade someone else to be a temporary administrator for this short time - just in case someone joins/throws a strop while I'm away.

I find that one of the major advantages of being an academic, with no children (and it must be the same for those with children but not school-age) is the ability to take summer holidays at cheaper/less crowded times. We usually take a week in July and then a week or two later in the summer, usually early September. Sometimes of course we do the air-fare-paid tacking a holiday on to a conference - there's one in Canada next year that looks good for that.

Dr Spouse

Well either everyone else was on holiday, or everyone was scared off by me being away. But I'm back now, so you can go back to the regular, rather than holiday schedule, silence!
Dr Spouse

So we did go to the conference in Canada, and then managed to fit in a bit of skiing. Unfortunately this has meant Mr Spouse has been bitten by the skiing bug and is insisting we do the same with next year's conference that's in Colorado.

I'm not sure how often I can find conferences near skiing areas, in the spring...

I'm doing a Rome conference / Italian lakes holiday combo. can't wait! Forum Index -> Personal life
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