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Dr Spouse

How do you prepare new lectures?

Something that new academics are often scared of, and older academics often shy away from too.

Post your ideas here, good or bad. To kick off, I would say that my two strategies tend to be either:

Use someone else's notes, which then ends up being really boring as they haven't really been updated since the year dot or

Do a literature search which ends up being FAR too big and long and take FAR too much time - I am not really sure I need to do 2 days in the library followed by 3 days reading for a one hour undergrad lecture.
Dr Spouse

I'm writing my new Masters lecture just now - it is like pulling teeth - I did have a head start in that a colleague asked me to review a book that is very appropriate to the topic but even so, this is just such hard work. Any tips at all from anyone???

I once wrote about 10 new lectures in the space of a couple of months, entirely new, and basically from scratch, and I have no idea how I did it - it's such a slow process for me.

I am a rare thing... someone with a high teaching load who never gives lectures! But doesn't sounds fun, good luck with it! frog
Dr Spouse

What do you have instead of lectures? Seminars? Lots of project students? Fieldwork? I'm intrigued!

I teach entirely in a studio, or sometimes outside! So thought it's 40-50 people, we're all sitting round on associated chairs and stools. Lots of breaking into small groups for discussion. Lots of retreating to drawing boards and doing something then coming back to talk about it. Sometimes a short powerpoint or more developed presentation. Mostly tutorials: group, paired or individual. As my M.Ed tutor remarked when he visited, it's more like primary school. And I guess it is, but with a much more sense of developed expertise!

Of course, our students do get lectures for some aspects of the curriculum... but not by me Very Happy Forum Index -> Teaching
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