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Dr Spouse

Keeping up with the literature?

Anyone got any good tips for this? I've started getting those "Journal Content Alerts" delivered to my email, now this would be very helpful if I actually read them - though having said that I found one very useful article today for a paper I'm revising, and another one which could be good for a student.

I do subscribe to two or three journals, one just comes because of a society I'm in, and currently they are piling up on the table in my office and have been doing so for months. So I'm not sure subscribing to paper journals is really the answer for me!

i do the journal alert thing too... it's kind of helpful (except there are loads of completely non-relevant ones I get, and I can't be bothered to find the password to re-set the settings), though you need to set a good filter up or they swamp your email.

I think I get most of my literature pointers from
+ following up from conferences
+ a crash trawl when I need to write something or put a bid in.

To be honest, I think that's quite enough for me!
Dr Spouse

I've just been through the very large pile of journal volumes that were sitting on my office table and sorted them into:
a) nothing of interest (put on shelf);
b) might have someone mentioned I need to contact (I am book reviews editor for a small journal and am always looking for people to review the books) and
c) need to read an article from them.

I then decided to use my bus journey to/from work to read these articles. Normally I read trashy novels so this will be a bit of a departure!

I set aside a time point once a week to do a standard trawl of the databases (in my case web of science and medline) and pick up the new stuff thats relevant. I used to do it monday morning before I started anything else, amd seeing as I was usually in before anyone else that meant it was before I was being chased/harrassed by other people. Forum Index -> Research
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