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Dr Spouse


Yes, it's that time of year again.  I've finished marking my projects and am on to exams. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) only 7 students chose my question on my main course so I'm left with piles and piles of double marking. I think we should get a nice long DVD this weekend... or I have lots of old episodes of ER to watch...
Dr Spouse

Well, a few episodes of House got me through this week's marking. Onwards and upwards - two more courses to do second marking for in the next week I think.

Ouch! Second marking! I am grateful I don't have to do that.

I had a first year survey course and a second year option to mark. The survey course was a lot of work and the retake will be too. The second year course wasn't so bad; the material was reasonably technical but there were not so many scripts.

The "Best of Classic FM" got me through this lot. I'll have to find something good for marking the retakes.
Dr Spouse

Oh dear - one of my second marking courses is taught by an external lecturer. The course is at a 3rd year level and he is marking them all really high - 2:1 for an answer that includes no citations and only really regurgitation (and that vaguely) of the lecture notes, which didn't include any empirical studies from what I can tell.


May have to go to a third marker. Sigh. Forum Index -> Teaching
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