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Dr Spouse

Referring your friends and finding this site

How did you find this site? I've put links in my signature on a few different sites and/or posted a special post about it, and emailed a few friends.

I can see that the people who are here are gradually getting into it and I'm sure it will be a long, slow start but it would be great if anyone had any tips or ideas. A link on your blog maybe? Emailing a few colleagues/friends?

I have mainly contacted people who aren't at my institution and who don't work in my field - mainly so we get a diverse range of people, but also in case I want to moan about collaborators!

I've also submitted our url to Google and you can now find us if you search for "academicsuk". Ideally it would be good to be high up if someone searched for "UK Academic support/discussion forum" so I'll have to investigate how to improve our chances of that. Forum Index -> Questions and suggestions
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