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Rowena Murray Book Group

If you're interested in a book group based on Rowena Murray's "How to write journal papers", please sign up here! I suggest we read one chapter a week & discuss what was useful and what was not so great. One thread per chapter.

Come on, you know you want to!

Very Happy
Dr Spouse

That's a really good idea, Maria! (ooh, that rhymes)

Perhaps we should ask people to buy the book by the end of July?

Do you think Rowena Murray will pay us commission? Razz
Dr Spouse

Well, I'm ordering this today, is anyone else interested?

I've done an online book group before but where we read a book for a specific month - it might be quite good for my discipline to read a chapter each week. Hmm, I wonder if it will spill over into my writing discipline.
Dr Spouse

We've agreed to start reading this and discuss chapters this month. So far only two of us are doing it Sad but as the chapters (and the book) aren't too long, hopefully if anyone else wants to join they can come on board a bit later.

As there's a bit of travelling going on I would suggest we talk about chapter 1 from the 6th-19th, chapter 2 20th August - 2nd September and chapter 3 3rd-16th September, and then go over to weekly chapters.

I have read chapter 1 but I think I'm going to need to re-read it to talk about it seriously.
Dr Spouse

Okay - I haven't had time to re-read chapter 1 but thought I'd better put something up now while I remember it!

A few things really struck me in this chapter, which discusses reasons for and for not writing for journals. The main comment which obviously resonated a lot with me was that most people say they haven't time to write - that is very much my feeling - but that really it has a lot to do with motivation. When she suggests to people that they spend half an hour writing they feel this is far too little, and that it takes half an hour to just begin writing.

Other comments however made me surprise myself in agreeing with them. Specifically:

"My type of writing isn't valued by colleagues" - I thought this would mainly apply to people in the humanities/arts who have a choice of outlets for their articles, but I publish in medical journals (with huge sample sizes and multiple authors) and also in more mainstream psychological journals (with much smaller sample sizes and two or three co-authors). My departmental colleagues think I should do more of the latter though I often feel the former is more interesting and in fact more robust.

"I don't write for journals, I do other things" - I do some writing for journals but almost everything I do gets into a conference presentation and then only to a journal article after a VERY long lag.

"People don't read those journals" - although I don't really subscribe to this, this is a slight subtext in my not bothering to write things up for journals, even though I'm keen to get them out there as conference presentations - I feel that more people will actually hear about my work if it's at a conference.

Anyway just some thoughts...
Dr Spouse

Clearly silent as the grave while I was away!

I'm just reading chapter 3 but will nudge Maria to contribute before I put any more of my monologue on this...

just to say I've just borrowed this book from our university library!

True to form I've dived into the middle, but found it quite useful and encouraging. I've just got a start a 5,000 words end of award report, which is just about the most tedious but also most un-nearving kind of writing I think. So it gave me a bit of a kick start.

The five minute writing bursts might work, could give them a bash I suppose.
Dr Spouse

I haven't finished reading this book yet as I was hoping we'd get a discussion going and I didn't want to be too "ahead". But I should probably look at it again. I've also started reading another book which I'll write about in a different post. Forum Index -> Writing
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