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Dr Spouse


OK, I've been completely silent - and so have other people, so it's not just me - but this is because I'm on sabbatical.  I know you will be jealous.

I discovered though while getting read to go on sabbatical that not every institution has what I thought of as a fairly standard sabbatical policy - I was actually complaining about my department's unwritten policy and found out we were quite well off!

Sabbaticals are in our contracts and there is something about "not unreasonably withholding permission".  Usually people in our department take a full year but in other departments a term or two is common - I moaned and persuaded and got 2 terms as I've only been there 14 terms.

But I gather from people at other universities that sabbaticals are not always given even when people ask nicely and have been there 7 years - it seems as if it's "not convenient" a lot of the time. One of these universities seems to have the same contractual obligations as we do, just not to be honoring them.

Anyone know about the policy and practice at their institution? Anyone been approved/denied? Forum Index -> Research
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